Our Electrical Maintenance Company provides best MEP services in Dubai, UAE. Our MEP Engineering teams are some of the most experienced in UAE.

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Our Electrical Maintenance Company provides best electrical services in Sharjah and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our Electrical Engineering teams are some of the most experienced in United Arab Emirates.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance is profitable in different ways. First, it is cheaper to make repairs to equipment before it fails. When electrical equipment fails, particularly protective devices like circuit breakers or relays, there is usually consecutive damage to other peripherals in the system. Usually the equipment cannot repair and replaced completely. New equipment does not always replace the failed peripheral in-kind and may need other changes to make the system whole.

Failed equipment results in unplanned outages that are very expensive when replacement equipment cannot found easily. Instead of having a planned system outage for Electrical Preventive Maintenance at the most convenient time for your operation, equipment failures are always at inopportune times. Emergency repairs are very costly due to the urgency of the situation where temporary work is necessary before a permanent repair execute.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance program increases efficiency of equipment and decrease service bills. An increased resistance due to detach and dirty connection would lead to greater power losses. By simply tightening and cleaning electrical connections you can decrease these energy costs. When considered over a time span, these energy losses will add up to an important amount of money.

If you are taking your electrical distribution system for granted, it’s probably time for you to apply an Electrical Preventive Maintenance program. But don’t wait until the first electrical failure happens, you may not have a system then.

Our experience in delivering timely and economical electrical contracting works and out multi-talented human resource helps us deliver a wide plethora of electrical contract services in Sharjah and Dubai. Apart from carrying out all types of general electrical maintenance and repair works, replacement electrical services also deliver other electrical works such as home electrical inspection and correction, examining, checking and replacement of MCCB, DB, ELCB and MCB isolators, rewiring, short-circuit rectification, additional wiring, home lighting, lightning arrestor, design and all sorts of electrical installations as required by the clients…

Mechanical :

Air Conditioning Supply and Installation

An air-conditioning unit is an important appliance in one’s home. It gives comfort and relaxation to both your mind and body. If you are living in a country with warm to hot weather, then using an air-conditioning unit is a must. You would not want to feel humidity inside your own home. You wanted the best for your family. You wanted your children to have comfortable lives especially when they are home. Spending quality time can be the best if every member feels relaxed.

If your air conditioner is not working, you not need to be afraid because TSJ is always ready to help and solve the problem. We provide all kind of emergency AC Repair in Dubai,AC Repair in Sharjah, Ac Maintenance in Dubai, Ac Maintenance in Sharjah, AC Fixing in Dubai, Air conditioner installation and all A/c maintenance services in Dubai A/c maintenance services in Sharjah, Electrical maintenance in dubai,Electrical maintenance in sharjah, MEP Project and Maintenance in Dubai or others area in United Arab Emirates. Our highly skilled engineers and Technicians can efficiently perform AC Repairs in Dubai, gas refilling, cleaning, maintenance and other necessary work for troubleshooting split systems and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment.

Plumbing :

Plumbing is one of the most essential services you will need for your home.

A dripping faucet is the greatest matter of concern for the home owners. It can cause a lot of trouble and can damage property, reducing its overall value. It not only disturbs the plumbing system but also originates the heath issues for the family members. An expert plumber can spot the leak in a hidden pipe and repair if necessary. By taking the problem at hand they minimize your overall cost of plumbing repair and also make the plumbing system sound by replacing the old fixture.

So, for reliable plumbing services you must hire an expert who can manage to offer complete residential or commercial plumbing services. Their area of expertise should include all aspects of plumbing for plumbing projects including water, waste and fixture installation. They must be experienced in adding or repairing water lines or drain lines to your place. In essence, their services must add complete peace of mind and add value to your property.

Residential Plumbing ,Maintenance Services, Water leak repairs, Toilet Plumbing, Kitchen plumbing

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Air Conditioning System | Chilled Water Systems | Ducting Systems

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